5 Tips to Transition Your Small Business Online

Posted by Kayla Knight on Jun 2, 2020 4:40:25 PM

Is Your Business Recession Proof? 

We live in a new normal and doing business is not the same as it was a few years ago, or even a months ago.   One of the biggest struggles for businesses over the past couple of weeks for small businesses was being forced to shut their doors, and having their business go dark, because they were not prepared to move their business to an online platform. 
As business are beginning to reopen their doors, it is important to use this time as a lesson on how to transform your business to one that can be taken online at any point in time.
Here are our top 5 tips to setup a business that can be transitioned online at any point an time and ultimately recession proof:

1. Using Online Meeting  & Conferencing Platforms

Be able to connect with employees, clients, and potential leads virtually.  Having an online conferencing platform that works for your business needs.  This can look different for each business, and it is important to weigh the pros and cons of each service, as well as become and expert in whatever software you choose.  This will allow you to run meetings efficiently with employees and clients from anywhere in the world! 

2. VPN and Work from Home Setup

Whether you work from home 7 days a week only when it is necessary, it is important the each employee has the ability to work from home in a secure manner. 

Ensuring that ALL employees are setup to work from home in the case they become sick, are exposed to anyone who has been sick and needs to self quarantine, or in the event of natural or unforeseen disaster.   

VPNs (Virtual Private Network) allows for you to create a secure connection to another network.  This will allow you to resume business as normal and ensure that employees are securing your business data in the meantime.

3. Going Paperless

If you have not fully transitioned to a paperless business, now is the time! Being able to access all of your business data online without being tied to a physical office can help ensure your business can be transitioned online at any point in time. 

When going paperless, it is important to assess software that will allow you to move all data, billing, invoicing, and internal documents to a secure online platform, where they can be accessed and stored securely.

This will allow you to share data with everyone who needs it without being tied to a physical address, plus it is more eco friendly!!

4. File Sync and Share

This brings us into our fourth tip, which is utilizing a file sync and share tool. The right file sync and share tool will help with overall collaboration, accessing of files, and can be extremely beneficial when moving paperless. 

The right file sync and share tool will allow you to work from anywhere and access all the files you need, while also allowing you to set security and viewing settings based on who can access files and documents. 


5. Backups

Don't let our last tip fool you, as it is probably the most important tip when transitioning your business online. 

As all your data is now spaced out, paper is gone, and you are working remote, you want to ensure that data is protected and able to be recovered in the event of disaster. 

Because disaster can strike at any point in time, and it’s important to cover your bases and secure your business and data with backups!  Your data is your responsibility, and if not properly cared for, it can easily be lost, erased, or even stolen.   The right backups and business continuity plan is essential for any business. 

Checkout our FREE webinar here to learn more about the importance of a business continuity plan and how to implement one for your business. 

To learn more about getting setup online and transitioning your business to the new normal, contact us today. 



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Is Your Wordpress Site Secure?

Posted by Kayla Knight on May 27, 2020 5:03:12 PM

Is Your Wordpress Site Secure or is it a Target for Attack?

Wordpress sites are a great tool for many small business, as it allows them to create, manage, and update their own website without the overhead of a web developer.  However, Wordpress can be a prime target to many hackers, as there are several security loop holes that can lead to attack. 
Ensure that your Wordpress site is secure and up to date by following some of our tips!  


Have a secure password

Having a secure password that keeps hackers out in the first place is crucial to avoiding attacks on your Wordpress site. 

When choosing a password, it should not be one that you use commonly on other sites or easy to guess.  We recommend using the four word method by preshing.com.  

This method involves using 4 common radome words to make a password that is secure and easy to remember.  

Password management tools are also a great resource to store passwords in a secure format and also allow you to update passwords with a click of a button!


Ensure that plugins and updates are complete 

Plugin updates will ensure that bugs and patches are not leaving your site susceptible to threats or attacks. 
It is important to run updates and remove old plugins that you are no longer in use so that not back doors are left open for hackers. 


Security Plugin

Having a security plugin that monitors your sites over all health can lead to insights and potential threats before they are a problem. 

These are great plugins to have as they will email you as plugins need updates, potential issues, logins, and threats made against your account.  


Install and SSL Certificates

An SSL Certificates are an encrypted channel between user and server.  These sites are more secure as they create a secure link between the website and the visitor. 



Don’t Login on Public WI-FI

Public WiFi is a very un-secure space, especially for important data and information.  It is very easy for hackers to gain access to public WiFi and steel credentials or gain access to data. 



Backup site

The truth is mistakes, disasters, and attacks can happen even if you do everything perfect! Prevention is the first step in preventing loss of valuable data or information, but preparation and planning can make or break your business. 

Always have a secure and up to date backup, so in the event of disaster you can recover your data. 


For more information on how to secure your business and data, and setup employees to work from home, contact us today! 



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Why You Should Backup Your SaaS Data

Posted by Kayla Knight on Feb 25, 2020 4:08:50 PM

Why SaaS is Not Backup

SaaS stands for Software as a Service, and one of its biggest benefits is the ability to use software without the purchase or installation of physical hardware.  While SaaS allows all of your data to be stored in the cloud, most softwares do not have backup solutions in place for the data.

Unless you are okay with losing all the valuable data, it is important to have a backup solution in place for your SaaS data.

Here are 4 reasons that you should consider a backup solution for your SaaS data:


1. How is Data Being Protected

While the cloud is generally safe, data loss happens everyday. So when data loss occurs who is to blame?

The single leading (and unpreventable) cause of data loss in the cloud is end user error. Instead, protect your business with backups to avoid data loss and downtime. 

2. How is Data Recovered

If data is lost due to human error, malicious attacks, or other reasons, there are some options to restore said data, but can also cost thousands of dollars.  Having a backup solution in place can prevent the headache associated with trying to recovery lost or deleted data.

3. Recovery limitations

Recovering data through the native apps is limiting – not only in how far back you can restore data from, but in what you have control over.  It may also be a very tedious process with a lot of manual workloads.

4. Recovery Time

The time it takes to recover data from the cloud varies app to app.  For Google Apps, O365 and Salesforce, it can take anywhere from minutes to weeks to longer (if at all).
For more information on how to get SaaS backups setup for you data and business, contact us at (719) 359-5995 or send us a message from the link below! 

Contact us!

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